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D is for Death: An Alphabet Colouring Book

Contact: Wendy Jolliffe

FOR RELEASE on or after  2021-07-13

Grief brings family and community together                     

D is for death: an alphabet colouring book starts conversations, breaks taboos, helps heal families and communities. 

Gatineau, QC, July 13, 2021

Our family and community of collaborators are proud to launch D is For Death: An Alphabet Colouring Book. This alphabet colouring book has mandala-like designs for all levels of colouring and definitions to unravel the complex language around death, dying, and grieving. 

About a decade ago and within the span of 4 years, the Jolliffe Kean family experienced the deaths of 4 close relatives: both of Darrell Kean’s parents, Wendy Jolliffe’s father who died unexpectedly, and Darrell’s 20-year-old-niece, who died suddenly of an undetected heart condition. Through the conversations about death and grief, D is for Death: An Alphabet Colouring Book, was born. 

Collaborators from across Canada (and one artist in the USA) contributed their time and art to the project. The illustrators were recruited within 36 hours of Wendy’s request for artwork.  Each illustrator, writer, and editor shared their experiences and feelings about death, and contributed to the book to let others know that they are not alone in their grief, and to spark healing conversations.

The D is for Death Project is giving back to local communities too; profits from the books are being donated to death care organisations, such as local bereavement support organizations and palliative care programs.

The principal author, Wendy Jolliffe, is available for interviews, book signings, or to discuss this unique and meaningful project. The book is available at, by emailing, at independent bookstores in Ottawa (Octopus Books, Perfect Books, Singing Pebble Books, and Books on Beechwood) and at Chapters Indigo.

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